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It's free to speak with a mortgage advisor 7 days a week, 8am - 10pm

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Mortgage Broker
in Lincoln

& Surrounding Areas

It's free to speak with a mortgage advisor 7 days a week, 8am - 10pm

Enquire Online 01522 581399 Malcolm Davidson Managing Director of Lincolnmoneyman - Mortgage Broker in Lincoln
Malcolm and Amy - Lincolnmoneyman Directors

We love helping customers that really need mortgage advice in Lincoln - Something our Managing Director, Malcolm Davidson has been doing since 1997.

To speak with a mortgage advisor in Lincoln, book your FREE mortgage appointment online.

We love helping customers that really need mortgage advice in Lincoln - Something our Managing Director, Malcolm Davidson has been doing since 1997.

Malcolm and Amy - Lincolnmoneyman Directors

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Mortgage Broker in Lincoln
Mortgage Advice in Lincoln

Welcome to! We are proud to be your trusted mortgage broker in Lincoln, a name well-recognised in the city and its surrounding areas. Since our establishment in 2009, we have remained dedicated to meeting the unique needs of our customers and handling their situations with the utmost care.

Drawing upon our extensive knowledge and experience in the property market, we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers receive the best possible solutions available. Our profound understanding of the mortgage market empowers us to sift through thousands of mortgage deals and pinpoint the one that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

Don’t hesitate to schedule your free mortgage appointment today and engage in a conversation with a skilled mortgage advisor in Lincoln. Let’s explore the possibilities together.

Benefit From Open and Honest Mortgage Advice in Lincoln

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We take great pride in being open and honest mortgage advisors in Lincoln. Our unwavering commitment is focused on helping customers with their mortgage inquiries and providing them with the support they need.

Our dedication to delivering excellent service is evident in the consistently positive reviews we receive. The Lincolnmoneyman team of trusted mortgage advisors in Lincoln is here to guide you through your mortgage journey with both simplicity and confidence.

Whether you are entering the property market as a first time buyer in Lincoln or an existing homeowner exploring various options like moving home, remortgaging in Lincoln, or considering later life lending solutions, we are here to help you realise your mortgage objectives.

Find Out How a Mortgage Broker in Lincoln Can Help You

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At Lincolnmoneyman, our dedicated team of mortgage advisors in Lincoln meticulously sift through a myriad of mortgage deals to identify the one that perfectly aligns with your specific goals. Our objective is to not only save your time but also safeguard your peace of mind by simplifying the often intricate and demanding mortgage landscape.

With our highly proficient mortgage administrators and seasoned mortgage advisors in Lincoln, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands. It’s a rarity for us to encounter a situation we haven’t encountered in some form before, which means we are well-prepared to navigate various scenarios and provide you with sound guidance.

Finding Solutions for Both First Time Buyers in Lincoln and Existing Homeowner Remortgages

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Whether you’re a first time buyer in Lincoln or someone returning to the property market after a hiatus, our service is tailored to be an invaluable resource for you.

We understand that purchasing a new home can be a daunting journey, and we are here to provide unwavering support throughout the entire process. No matter what challenges we encounter along the way, we will work together to overcome them.

For existing homeowners in Lincoln exploring remortgage options, our expertise shines as we meticulously evaluate thousands of deals to pinpoint the one that best suits your needs.

During the remortgage process, many of our clients contemplate capital-raising solutions, whether it’s for home improvements or consolidating debts such as credit cards and loans. This is a specialised area, and we are committed to offering you transparent and candid advice, always keeping your best interests at the forefront of our recommendations.

Expertly Answering Your Mortgage Questions

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Your trusted mortgage advisor in Lincoln is here to provide help and guidance on all mortgage-related matters, ensuring you have access to our expertise seven days a week, from early morning to late in the evening. Our dedicated team is just a phone call or email away, ready to provide support and answer any questions you may have about your mortgage.

Mortgage Advice in Lincoln for Complex Cases

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With our experience as a mortgage broker in Lincoln since 2009, we’ve encountered nearly every conceivable mortgage situation. We consider all applications, and no challenge is too formidable. Don’t hesitate to reach out, even if you believe your situation is exceptionally complex, as it’s highly likely that we’ve faced similar hurdles before and know precisely how to help you.

Whether you are self-employed, a business owner, a partner, a contractor, or on probation with a new employer, and you’re encountering difficulties securing a new mortgage, an experienced mortgage advisor in Lincoln can be of significant help.

The same applies if you have a history of credit problems, bankruptcy, a CCJ, or a less-than-ideal credit score. We possess in-depth knowledge of lending criteria and extensive experience in providing expert advice to clients with diverse individual situations.

Bank versus a Mortgage Broker in Lincoln

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Frequently, our clients initially approach their own bank when seeking mortgage advice in Lincoln. However, many find themselves turned away for various reasons, including not meeting the bank’s criteria, encountering stringent affordability checks, difficulties in securing appointments, or simply being unable to borrow the required amount.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, it’s important to reach out to a mortgage broker in Lincoln, such as our team, who are eager to help you. The sooner you seek advice from a broker, the more advantageous your position will be when you’re ready to secure a mortgage deal.

Searching Through 1000s of Mortgage Deals

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In our role as your mortgage broker in Lincoln, we diligently explore a vast array of residential and buy to let mortgage options on your behalf. Our panel comprises a diverse range of mortgage lenders, encompassing both high street and specialist products.

It is advisable to speak with a mortgage broker like us even before you start viewing properties with estate agents. This proactive approach enables us to provide you with a clear understanding of your budget and prepare a mortgage agreement in principle document, which can bolster any offers you decide to make.

Get in touch with Lincolnmoneyman for transparent and honest mortgage advice in Lincoln, available 7 days a week.

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We Search 1000s of Mortgage Deals in Lincoln

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Common Mortgage Questions in Lincoln

How long does the process in Lincoln take?

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Our initial mortgage appointment, provided to you at no cost, typically spans approximately 30 minutes. As an experienced mortgage broker in Lincoln, we take pride in our swift 24-hour turnaround time for providing an Agreement in Principle.

All it entails is a brief phone call to gather the necessary information. On average, the formal issuance of a mortgage offer usually takes around three to four weeks.

What documents will I need to provide for my mortgage in Lincoln?

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If you’re an employee, the standard requirement usually involves submitting three recent payslips and your latest P60 to substantiate your income. For self-employed individuals in Lincoln, the typical documentation includes the latest two years’ tax calculations and corresponding summaries.

You’ll also be asked to provide proof of identification, such as a driving license or passport, along with proof of address, which can be evidenced through utility bills, tax bills, or credit card statements. Additionally, a three-month bank statement will be requested. This statement serves a dual purpose by demonstrating the accumulation of your deposit and offering explanations for any significant credits.

I’m self employed in Lincoln, can I get a mortgage?

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The good news is that securing a mortgage while being self-employed in Lincoln is entirely feasible. To meet the criteria, you’ll typically need to provide at least one year’s worth of accounts. Furnishing these documents significantly enhances your chances of obtaining mortgage approval.

Most lenders generally calculate the maximum mortgage amount based on your salary and dividends, although others may consider your net profit. The specific approach varies depending on the lender.

Can I get a mortgage in Lincoln with previous credit problems?

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The encouraging news is that while prior credit issues may pose some challenges, obtaining a mortgage is not out of the question. You can still make it happen! In such cases, some lenders might request a slightly higher deposit, typically around 10-15%.

How much deposit do I need for a mortgage in Lincoln?

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Typically, most mainstream mortgage lenders require a minimum deposit of 5%. However, this percentage may be higher, depending on your individual circumstances, particularly if you have a history of previous credit issues.

Can I get a second mortgage in Lincoln?

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The good news is that it’s entirely feasible to manage two concurrent mortgages in Lincoln, provided you have the financial capacity to handle the monthly repayments for both. Whether you’re aiming for debt consolidation or planning home improvements, exploring the option of securing a second mortgage on your property is possible.

How long does an Agreement in Principle last?

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An Agreement in Principle typically has a duration of 30 to 90 days, although the specific timeframe is determined by the lender. Should your Agreement in Principle expire, there’s no need to worry; you can easily renew it by reaching out to your trusted mortgage advisor in Lincoln.

When should I obtain an agreement in principle in Lincoln?

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As a dedicated mortgage broker in Lincoln, we strongly advise obtaining an Agreement in Principle (AIP) as early as possible, ideally before you begin your property viewings. Having an AIP in place when you’re viewing houses can potentially provide you with an advantage when negotiating prices.

How does the mortgage process work?

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Our mortgage process encompasses several distinct stages. The journey commences with an initial contact, during which one of our dependable mortgage advisors in Lincoln conducts a Fact Find to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique mortgage situation.

Next, you’ll progress to your free mortgage appointment, where your designated mortgage advisor in Lincoln initiates the search for mortgage deals tailored to your specific circumstances. If they identify an offer that aligns with your preferences, we can initiate the mortgage application process.

Following this, a credit check is performed to secure an Agreement in Principle, and you’ll be asked to provide specific supporting documents to strengthen your mortgage application.

Ultimately, your mortgage application will be submitted, and we’ll await the issuance of a formal mortgage offer.

How does the free initial mortgage appointment in Lincoln work?

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Your initial free mortgage appointment with your dedicated mortgage advisor in Lincoln typically lasts around 30 minutes.

During this appointment, we delve into your mortgage requirements, gaining a deeper understanding of your needs. With a clearer picture of your personal and financial situation, we proceed to search for mortgage deals that are an ideal match for you.

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